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Our proactive Investor Relations approach integrates compliance of regulatory and exchange frameworks with best practice IR through strong communication systems and transparency. We pride ourselves in delivering bespoke communication tools to the investment community and in creating a two-way communication channel for our stakeholder network that continues to evolve and grow.

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Strategy & Approach

Our investment strategy aims to capture market opportunities and create long-term, sustainable stakeholder value within the education and healthcare sectors in the MENA region. To do so, we adopt a platform-building approach, acquiring businesses with successful track records in their markets to create larger-scale platforms that allow for synergy extraction. We then employ a holistic and hands-on management approach to develop them into market-leading operations and capitalize on each assets’ attractive growth profile.

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Our platforms offer multi-investment ecosystems which stand to benefit from capital infusions, shared operating partners, and future add-on acquisitions. This presents a high degree of operating flexibility for each asset and provides them with multiple avenues to grow yields, improve margins, and increase ROI over the long term. Our platforms provide unique and diversified exposure to some of the region’s market leaders in the healthcare and education sectors.


We boast a portfolio of investments spanning Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain. Our differentiated focus allows us to position ourselves by proactively facilitating healthcare through subsectors in their nascent stage and playing a frontline role in developing and growing these subsectors across the region through market-leading providers that are differentiated and well-positioned to capture growing demand.

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Enabling Platforms

Our Venture Capital Platform and Social Infrastructure Platform serve as enablers of growth and sustainability to further diversify our exposure across the healthcare and education sectors by creating a diversified portfolio of real estate assets while providing sustainable long-term lease relationships for our portfolio companies and investing in rapidly growing education and healthcare technology players that are changing the provision of conventional academia and healthcare.

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Our Education Platform offering ranges from graduate and postgraduate education to corporate and vocational training and continues to attract top regional and international talent equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders. Our distinguished exposure to the education sector enables us to tap into various attractive market segments and capitalize on the advantageous fundamentals offered by the region.

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